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IWe offer a 'free' 45 minute consulation in all of our work areas. The figures below are intended  to provide a good indication of the likely costs involved in your case. Each case is diferent in terms of the amount of preparatory work involved and the number of witnesses required, so the costs of the case may vary. During your free consultation, you wil be given a binding, 'agreed fee figure'. (Provided that there is sufficient prosecution evidence available to make the assessment). 

Depending on the nature of the case, there may be third party costs or 'disbursements' that are not included in our fees. These costs could include experts. an interpreter, process server etc. For example if you were a defendant in a driving with excess alcohol case and wished to raise the defence of 'post incident consumption', we would need to commission an expert to carry out a 'back calculation'.

A guide to our fixed fees for Magistrates Court defence work

Guilty plea and mitigation                                                                         £420

Summary trial, preparation and first day*                                                                                                  £1500

Summary trial, additional days, per day                                                                                                      £400

Motoring Offences

Guilty Plea and Mitigation                                                                                                                                  £350-£450

Exceptional Hardship Argument                                                                                                                       £450-£550

Special Reasons Argument                                                                                                                                 £700-£900

Not Guilty Plea, Summary Trial                                                                                                                        £1200-£1500

* Most trials in the Magistrates Court are concluded in one day

A guide to our fixed fees for Crown Court Defence work

Guilty plea and mitigation (usually over two hearings)                                                                                   £850

Not guilty plea, (instructions, preparation, preliminary hearing and 1st day of trial)                              £1850

Additional days of trial                                                                                                                                           £600

Appeal to the Crown Court from Magistrates against conviction                                                                  £1600

Appeal to the Crown Court from Magistrates against sentence                                                                     £750

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