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Landlords Beware

Today a number of provisions relating to private landlords came into effect. Although part of a wider legislative campaign to improve conditions in the private rented sector, the provisions may well catch some smaller landlords unawares. These follow quick on the heels of the provisions determining that residential accommodation that falls below an 'EPC rating' can no longer be let. The headline grabbers of the the Housing and Planning Act 2016 are the creation of the 'Rogue Landlord Database' and the 'Landlord Banning Order'

The 'Database of Rogue Landlords' will contain the details of landlords and letting agents who The new database will include landlords and letting agents convicted of various housing and immigration offences, including unlawful eviction, breach of gas & fire safety measures and leasing overcrowded properties, Local councils will also be able to share information concerning rogue landlords and the specific offences committed and identify those who have a poor track record.

Banning orders for landlords and property agents will be applied for by Local Authorities where the landlord or property agent has flouted their legal obligations or rented out substandard accommodation.

Whether overstretched local authorities will have the time and resources to employ these new powers, only time will tell. It may, as is often the case, be the low hanging fruit that gets picked. Both of these measures have an appeal process. Kent Criminal Law are private client criminal law specialists and can advise on all regulatory and general criminal matters.

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